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  • Pawn:

    About 150 ASRC engineers that work the Engineering Support Contract at KSC are getting launched Friday. Word is ASRC lost it’s bid for the new contract and is marching to the sea. So long graybeards and youngsters alike. No rocket=no launch=no need.

  • Dave:

    Just found out there’s going to be some more ESTS layoffs soon. A lot of stress and loads guys are going to get cut.

  • Space:

    I hope not. I heard that Lightfoot gave direction to keep that at an absolute minimum. I’m not sure how that is going to happen, but I guess we will know more after Oct 1?

  • Scott:


    I know NASA is always finding new ways to connect to the public and I came across this educational AND funny (rare feat) parody music video about Comets, Asteroids and Meteors called “Space Rocks Rock!” It has my interest!


    Thought you might appreciate it.


  • NASA Shuttle Program Engineered by Idiots.

    So, you think the Shuttle program was great and put alot of kids
    through college. Actually, the Shuttle program was organized and
    staffed by idiots and designed by idiots. And, I have a PhD in science
    and engineering so I can kick Sally Rides ass around the globe and back.

    Example of design flaw: SSSRB(Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters) provided
    more then 80% of the thrust for liftoff and the very, very complicated
    SSME(Space Shuttle Main Engines) provide the rest. Why even use the stupid
    H-Ox engines? Also, no H-Ox engines no SS51-L Disaster and no insulation falling
    on the leading edge of the Columbia.

    So, make me head of NASA and lets get a real shuttle program to the moon!

    From Hell in California,

    Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
    Former NASA LERC Aerospace Engineer setup at NASA by the Martian Klan
    The most censored and hated Publisher on the Net
    Google, U2B “Wayne Manzo”

    If you don’t know we human Gentiles are living with a telepathic super race__you
    better take your meds because you can’t handle the truth!

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