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Nasaengineer.com was created in May, 2010 to promote logical discussions about NASA and it’s direction, and about the “New Space” business. All opinions are welcome, but “ad homs” are discouraged and edited out. In other words- we all know engineers like to argue, but argue the topic, not the person directly. Try not to take it seriously. Comedy is not pretty! (Steve Martin)

Nasaengineer.com runs a weekly toon called WWSD (What Would Spock Do?) which seeks to poke fun at the news and events.

This blog asks people to keep an open mind and stay away from the polarized debates we see online about where spaceflight is going. NASA has always relied on commercial suppliers, and things are changing. NASA is here to stay and so are the newer commercial companies. It’s all good.

This blog may also poke fun at or criticize politicians when they deserve it, but it is non-partisan.

Whatever direction spaceflight takes in 2010 and beyond, this blog will keep an open mind and look for logic in the changes, and not worry about who is doing what or what party or private company is doing the changing.


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  • ggz:

    I want to put all unemployed nassa engineers back to work and this will do it quickly. Please share with your members and all you can.

    Maglev-Smart Grid is a “vox polpuli” project based on a successful business model that is self-funding and requires only simple protocols and resolutions to implement, creating unlimited jobs near instantaneously. If you would like to be a part in saving the state, nation, world economy, continue reading and then contact your reps please.

    “The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act – not only to create jobs, but to lay foundation for growth.”

    To every mathematical problem there is one correct answer and infinity minus one erroneous ones, thus problems may be complex, but solutions are generally more simple.

    There are few proposals that would actually fulfill the quote above; I can think of but one or two; and to save expense they can both be done together using a sure-fire model that will cost the tax-payer nothing while creating immediate jobs a plenty. I have used the model; it works! It is easy to chart and present; it will cause such a positive stir, no one will have time for fighting.

    below is a very short expo:

    Maglev with accompanying smart-grid; the grid is a bonus and necessity. The market value of said system, is such that as each mile is completed, its worth exceeds its initial costs per mile thus building GDP and thereby balancing accounts.

    An east-west and a north-south artery can connect our state/country in a manner never achieved, creating tens of thousands of jobs to set a standard nationwide/worldwide, putting Michigan or whichever state/country adopts this plan first in the forefront technologically and economically for at least the next fifty years.

    From these maglev-grid arteries more standard rails, modes of transportation, distribution, and communication tie in and could be smoothly transitioned to existing airport hubs and international destinations for both maglev and smart-grid, enhancing its market value yet more!

    “The rest of the story” Funding

    I am sure you are aware that maglev is economically front-end, which is what we need right now, but its maintenance costs are negligible by comparison to all other transportation types.



    Appropriate protocol providing tax-free interest exemption for all initially invested monies will attract billions of dollars now sitting in stagnation, trillions if adopted nationwide. I speak from experience; this model was used successfully three times in northern Michigan. I raised $250,000 in just days because of the tax-free interest provision for my small project, parlayed it into $758,000 physical plant complete, with value of several million when I signed it over to the state; it continues its stable employment structure and was a catalyst for growth in the entire area. http://concordacademyboyne.org/

    “The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act – not only to create jobs, but to lay foundation for growth.”

    ã 2011 Euphonic publishing

    I’ve been working with State of Michigan thru my 105th District representative Greg Macmaster on this idea called maglev-grid or “Magrid” that can quickly, easily revive our economic prosperity. I am sad to say Greg was probably shot down with negativity at the state level as they have been silent far too long now on the subject.

    Below are the important points to funding maglev-grid or “magrid”. The model is an adaptation of the three successfully completed and funded Concord charter schools; these schools were built from scratch with no tax dollars, continue to employ-function beautifully, and add valuable GDP to the state coffers. The reasoning is simple and easy to model into the “magrid” project. The legislative and tax laws were in place thus enabling the Concord projects to succeed; three successes, no failures, using said model, even though I had to insist the IRS rule in a timely manner after eight years of sitting on their hands; similarly I insist, gently, you put into place protocols that will revive this economy based on these successes. This is why I asked you to start with a legislative resolution, so we will put that first on our prospectus-outline for state, national, and worldwide economic success.

    1.) Resolution

    Even as the legal framework, though loose, for charter schools was in place and the funding mechanism laying dormant, to whit interest-free public works incentives, so must the legislature resolve that the model is effective, the need acute, and success guaranteed by experience and example. Fine tuning the resolution to include universal protocols/standards, verification-coordination is an evolutionary unfoldment and should be acknowledged in the initial resolution. Once said resolution thru reason-consensus is reached, thousands of civil engineering, surveying, accounting, and field-work positions will be created immediately and easily funded. The resolution should include also a working section-example of not less than 50 miles to encourage further development-growth, a living testament and springboard to work out issues large and small. There need not be extensive studies as there are hundreds already on file and multiple systems of these sorts worldwide. The technology is proven and available and each in the legislative process must do their homework to convince themselves without delay. In so doing it will become obvious that all other modes of public land-based transportation that incorporate wheels and friction are already obsolete and should not thus be further funded except for the purpose of retiring said systems or incorporating them with the intent of replacing these now-antiquated systems with their high maintenance costs.

    2.) Standards / Protocols / Guidelines / Specifications

    These will set the bar for decades to come, so antiquated wheels/practices must be left behind. Guidelines for formation of LLCs, bonds, profit margins, rules and acceptable funding practices are all open to debate. The three Concord examples were accomplished thru LLC investors. You may rightfully ask where did the debt go? Well, the Concord Boyne project cost $758,000 and that debt of course was mortgaged; however the value is several millions of dollars so the equity outweighs the debt several times thus creating GDP, thus establishing prosperity and work and this is the basic model in a nutshell. The labor of the hundreds or thousands of workers from inception to now is the value and impetus and fuel of the economic engine that continues to this day – thus verifying the model again in perpetuity.

    3.) Basic Project Definition – “Magrid”

    Maglev-grid: Magnetic levitation transportation has been around for decades and is proven efficient. Protocols and standards as in # 2 above must utilize basic common sense in sizing of cars, power ratios, technical specifications. I have a team of electrical engineers and hands-on mid level engineers as well that can assist and a team standing by to go film the new Mag-lev in China should it be deemed necessary.

    Power grid: Our current power grid is wasteful, vulnerable, and unsightly. Of utmost imperative it need be replaced-integrated into the new protocol using modular thinking so that take-offs from said grid are neat and safe and do not interrupt the system (think nation/worldwide giant smooth-functioning integrated circuit).

    Communications grid: Our current communications network is falling dangerously behind. We’ve installed thousands of miles of fiber optic cables that have been lying dormant a decade or more because of inadequate switching and apathy. It is high time to integrate and utilize these, so they should be included into the “Magrid” network-system. The added bonus will be accelerated GDP by incorporating resources currently lying dormant, into the Magrid.

    July 30, 2012, 6:34 PM Following is an addendum-reiteration written in plain language.

    It is practical economics that always triumphs. If one builds a house on a piece of property and spends a total of $75,000 including all labor, property, and materials, that is then the total investment. If then the house and property are considered worth $150,000, that is its net worth at the time of completion. So, that is a gain of $75,000 over and above what was put into the project; thus the gain can be compared to Gross Domestic Product on a National scale in this way. Said Concord Academy Boyne Public School mentioned previously cost a total of $758,000 dollars and at the time it was given to the state of Michigan it had a property value of more than one million dollars so the state had a gain that added to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in a positive way, thus lifting the economy in general and also providing many jobs. The employees and teachers and administrator, that is, the functioning business, cost no dollars to build. I have a friend in the east that runs a private tutoring business and that business is fairly small and yet worth a million dollars or more, so what do you think the business is worth that educates around 200 students per year? I would put its full value: at least five million dollars including the building and grounds and employees and business; and yet it cost less than one million dollars to build! That is GDP; and that is true economy!

    Now let us look at the maglev-smart-grid project. If a small section were complete and functioning, let us say a fifty mile run from Traverse City to Petoskey or a one hundred mile run from Flint to Traverse City or any other completed and functioning section – it is obvious it would carry a value of at least twice its cost and so a gain of 100% per cent would be realized over and above its cost, thus creating positive GDP. In addition the smart-grid would be saving untold amounts of electricity, transfer information at a rate unsurpassed currently, provide employment and good-will so plentiful it cannot be over-estimated.

    I was told by head of M-DOT that it was a great idea if one could get funding. I have insisted over and again that funding the project is the easiest part as investors love the safety and security and surety of public works projects, especially when the interest is tax free. In our small community I was able to raise $250,000 in a mere two weeks for the Concord Academy Boyne Project. If you would look at how small a pool of investors that came from at such a small scale, you can easily see that at a state level it could multiply out to near a trillion dollars if needed and at a national level fifty trillion dollars if necessary and worldwide a thousand trillion dollars. If you do not believe that, then do the actual math and see what you come up with.

    As for jobs, once the state, country, or whomever puts a general set of protocols and incentives in place, the money will flow accordingly and there will not be one unemployed civil engineer, accountant, real-estate related legal and secretarial worker, surveyor statewide or countrywide, near immediately upon agreement of afore-mentioned protocols and incentives. These will in turn flood into all various local businesses of every kind with economic gain near impossible to estimate. That is just the first wave of jobs. Then come untold preparations by civil construction companies, security firms and personnel, landscaping companies, manufacturers/engineers of all sorts including software engineers and troubleshooters – and the list goes on until not a single individual is unemployed!

    Now imagine a world where you get into a comfortable maglev train car and travel an entire state in an hour or less, fifty-mile substation commutes to work in twenty minutes or less – and a power-communications grid so smooth and efficient that alternate energies from even distant sources are integrated with ease, so that every few months your availability charge on your electrical bill is no longer doubling!

    Come on! Let us rise up and build it! Yes, we can do this! E-mail, call, write your representatives at all levels today, now, the president, local papers, news-stations, radio stations, friends, neighbors, mayors, business owners, and anyone you can think of. We do not have to live in a stagnant economy, a lifeless gray of negativity; this will work!

    I may well be just a simple singer-songwriter, widowed one in spirit; and yet in this aloneness I glance back and forward and within and without and see this miraculous-replicable thing done in our community. Hundreds scoffed and ridiculed. Within just weeks time of sufficient meeting minds into one (just about 200 as I recall out of a population of perhaps 10,000) the school opened and some very scoffers sent their children there as a timely alternative. A couple folks still tell me: it is impossible you know, but there it is, there it is….

    “Now Faith is the Substance of things Hoped for, the Evidence of things Unseen”; then we see them and our paradigm lifts never to fall again.

    ã 2011 Euphonic publishing – ggz 352 212 5829 or 5210 mrggz@yahoo.com

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