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Fuss Over Moon Rock Sting – WTF?

“Give us back that Moon speck…”

If you have one of those Moon rock souvenirs that got out years ago, better keep it to yourself. The goons might come after it like they did 74 year old Joann Davis, who just wanted to sell her’s (so she says) to support her sick son.

From NBC Losangeles-

The elaborate mission to recover a moon rock led NASA agents to one of the most down-to-earth places: a Denny’s restaurant in Riverside County.

But at the end of the sting operation, agents were left holding a speck of lunar dust smaller than a grain of rice and a 74-year-old suspect who was terrified by armed officials.

Five months after NASA investigators and local agents swooped into the restaurant and hailed their operation as a cautionary tale for anyone trying to sell national treasure, no charges have been filed, NASA isn’t talking and the case appears stalled.

The target, Joann Davis, a grandmother who says she was trying to raise money for her sick son, asserts the lunar material was rightfully hers, having been given to her space-engineer husband by Neil Armstrong in the 1970s…

Full story…

Nasawatch has a collection of stories about it from several sources…


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