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Dream Chaser May Fly, Someday

A Dream Chaser may fly, someday. Blogs and news sites have some interesting details on when the vehicle may have a test flight.

From dvice.cm-

NASA has been flirting with a number of private firms in the hunt for a company that could offer the U.S. an option in getting its astronauts back into space by the end of 2016. It looks like one such company will be ready for a test flight by as early as next summer.

Pictured above is the Dream Chaser, a seven-seater space plane that’s one of the crew vehicle hopefuls in the running to be the next space shuttle. NASA initially invested $80 million in the craft, and just tossed another $25.6 million at it, lining it up for a test flight next year…

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Oh, so next summer, someone is going to put a vehicle on a rocket and launch it like the picture shows?

Well, no. Next summer the Dream Chaser gets a drop test. Woohoo.

From Universetoday-

It looks as though the efforts to get commercial space taxis off the ground – is succeeding. Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) “Dream Chaser” space plane is slated to conduct its first test flight as early as next summer. SNC is one of four companies that have had proposals selected by NASA under the Commercial Crew Development Program – 02 (CCDev2).

The test flight, what is known as a high-altitude free-flight test or “drop-test” will see Dream Chaser lifted high into the air, where the craft will then be released from its carrier aircraft and attempt an unmanned landing. During the course of this flight test program SNC will test out the space plane’s autoland and other capabilities…

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So, by next summer, we will know for sure if gravity still works, and if you somehow had a vehicle in space and a crew needs to go home, they could drop back down somehow.

I liked this headline on Aviationweek, “NASA-Backed Space Taxi To Fly Test Mid-2013.” This story slipped the schedule by one year already.

Maybe NASA or Sierra Nevada just need to hire this guy-



5 Responses to “Dream Chaser May Fly, Someday”

  • mac:

    …not in my lifetime…

  • Ferris Valyn:


    I am sorry, but what is your problem? They are doing a lifting body vehicle – do you expect them not to do a drop test? And its not like they aren’t advancing – we’ve seen actual hardware being built from them.

    So, again, what is your problem?

  • mac:

    Are they independent from governmental money? As far as I`m concerned they need that money in order to build this system, aren`t they?
    And are they (space X, Orbital etc and so on)given the proper support?
    There are a lot of lobbyists at work with powerful enemies in politics…I wouldn`t be surprised if these new commercial systems would never fly…but then again…luckily we have The SLS …;-)

  • mac:

    …but then again..I love to be wrong here…and politics don`t always rule…

  • Ferris Valyn:

    Totally independent? No.

    as for powerful enemies – they are the ones pushing SLS

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