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450 People In Line for a Space Ride and No Travel Date

From Spacenews-

Venture capitalist Alan Walton, one of the first to sign up for a ride to the edge of space on a Virgin Galactic ship, has given up on his dream. After waiting for seven years, the 75-year-old asked for a $200,000 ticket refund, the Associated Press reported.

“This was a decision I wish I didn’t have to make,” he said. But “it was time.”

The promise of space tourism generated excitement in 2004 after the experimental SpaceShipOne completed the first manned, private spaceflight. Virgin Galactic’s Sir Richard Branson predicted a maiden passenger flight would take off in 2007…

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2 Responses to “450 People In Line for a Space Ride and No Travel Date”

  • mike shupp:

    Well, 2007 or maybe 2008, they’ll all have flown and be lining up for a second flight to Outer Space! That’s the thing about capitalism, you can depend on it, right? Thanks to capitalism, we’ve got bases on the Moon and on Mars and people are crowding up to emigrate to the asteroid belt, and we just laugh anymore when old fogies mention government run space programs. Capitalism has given us working nuclear fusion and cures for cancer and solved the problems of autism and schizophrenia. Let us all hail The Profit Motive, which delivers all our desires even before we notice them!

    Hmm? You want to explain something to me? What? I mean, I’ve gone to all these wonderful space web sites and educated myself about how government-run space programs always turn into ICBM systems and only free enterprise leads to conquering the stars. Except for aerodynamics and celestial mechanics and chemical kinetics and fission power plant design and strength of materials and some materials courses and advanced guidance and FORTRAN programming and calculus of variations and — that sort of shit, which is just junk y’know, I know about the importance of the wonderful free enterprise system and that’s all anyone needs to set up a space program, so there! Capitalism can do anything for us, we just have to want it enough and promise to pay and it’ll happen, and that’s science!

    Oh god, and with a name like Virgin Galactic. you just KNOW our future in space is going to be so fu***** sexy, every whore in Reno and Atlantic City and Montreal can just go retire now, no one with sense and taste is ever going to look again for mere earth-bound pleasures. it is just so wonderful to be ruch and alive today.

  • Astronautics_Student:

    No surprises here, folks.

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