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Minnesota Made: Health Drink Inspired by Space

Whenever you see something labeled “health drink,” beware. There is so much nonsense in marketing, you can just about count on anything labeled “health” as bad for you!

But, sometimes things are real. That may be the case with “Unpeeled,” a kombucha drink developed by a former shuttle engineer.

From KAALtv.co-

In this economy entrepreneurs have to think outside the box to turn an idea into reality. A St. Paul inventor did just that. He came up with a drink called Unpeeled. He did it to be healthy.

St. Paul chiropractor Dr. Michael Johnson once worked as an engineer on NASA’s Space Shuttle Wastewater System. It’s a job that earned him the nickname Number One.

That experience brought up concerns over the kinds of things that were passing through his patients, including cola and coffee.

A few years ago, Dr. Mike used his NASA experience and nutrition knowledge as a chiropractor to develop a healthy probiotic beverage. He called it Unpeeled…

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What the heck is kombucha? It’s a non-alcoholic fermented beverage popular with hippie-store naturalists. Read up on it. Google the book Nourishing Traditions. I’m not sure why this is “inspired by space” like the above website says, but hey, it’s better than Coke or hormone-choked dairy.

Here’s the official website…


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