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Runner Plans on Doing a “Mile on the Moon” if…

This is a couple of weeks old, but CNN just ran a segment about it that inferred that Space X would give him a ride (yeah, sure they will)-

From a PR blog-

Celebrated runner and philanthropist Jonathon Prince announced today his plans to make history by becoming the athlete to run the first mile on the Moon.

With the aid of key industry partners and his global community of supporters, Prince plans to rebuild the excitement and optimism that defined the first forays into space nearly 50 years ago. Prince’s “Mile On the Moon” project will unfold over several years of intensive training, strategic partnerships and global outreach, with the goal of completing the first mile on the moon in 2016.

Prince’s “Mile On the Moon” project unfolds at the dawn of a new era in the space industry, now driven by visionaries in the private sector. He elaborates, “’Mile On the Moon’ is dedicated to all mankind as an inspiration to dream Big Dreams and realize that the sky is no longer the limit to human potential…”

Full story…

It sounds cool and Prince seems like a great guy. I hope he survives the training. The same site claims that he has run over 10,000 miles since 2005 for good causes. Maybe this guy hasn’t kept up, but that much running is bad for your health. It’s called “chronic cardio” and damages heart muscles and stresses the endocrine system.

Some may find this surprising, but it’s true. Don’t take this blog’s word for it…
See for yourself. Google these phrases-
long distance runners and heart damage
“chronic cardio” stress cortisol
(I could just link to articles but don’t want to get into debating the source.)


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