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Worry Over China’s Space Progress

From the Global Times (China)-

The US has raised concerns over the significant expansion of China’s space operations, saying Washington wants to set rules and have a dialogue with Beijing on the use of space.

“We are worried that, particularly in crisis, a misunderstanding in space could easily lead to an inadvertent escalation that would not be in the interest of either of our countries,” AFP quoted Gregory Schulte, deputy secretary of defense for space policy, as saying Wednesday.

He also said that the US seeks an understanding “over what responsible behavior might look like,” Schulte told the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission…

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From Spacepolitics-

As noted here yesterday, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), chairman of the appropriations subcommittee whose jurisdiction includes NASA, had some critical remarks about cooperation with China in a symposium on China’s space program held earlier this week. Wolf’s office has posted his prepared statement from that hearing, which goes into more details about his thoughts about both China’s space efforts and NASA.

Much of Wolf’s statement goes into his concerns about China’s plans and its human rights record. “One of the world’s worst human rights abusers does not deserve to be rewarded with greater ‘cooperation’ with the U.S.,” he states. He also talks about the “surprising pace” of China’s space program, including its plans for a space station and, at some time beyond, human missions to the Moon…

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6 Responses to “Worry Over China’s Space Progress”

  • schuba:

    hmmm…what do you do when you wanna put your political agenda through? you invent a story, put some patriotism to it, or some panic or both…and make it public …to make up peoples mind…in the end you get what you want and thats likely money for your party and the industry behind you…
    And another thing:
    Do you really think, the Chinese are stupid? Do you really think they enter a race(the moon) standing at the start line while your opponent is standing near the finishing line???(all the US would have to do is to service their achievements, refresh them and put them to the launch pads in a couple of years….)Oh…sure..the chinese will go to the moon…but only if they want….without a race…sometime in the far future.

  • Space:

    Well, look at it this way-if you want a robust NASA budget, you need the China scare. Congress isn’t that interested in Star Trek, just Star Wars.

    The Red scare is the only reason von Braun got what he wanted out of Congress (at least enough to get the job done) and since then, NASA got support when it was political. Think about Apollo-Soyuz and then ISS.

    Here’s a cool history article- http://www.nasa.gov/50th/50th_magazine/coldWarCoOp.html

  • This was actually started when Holdren suggested that NASA might need cooperation with China in order to make a trip to Mars more affordable. That would be sort of like Britain, France, and Spain cooperating together in order to explore North and South America back in the 16th century. Yeah. Right:-)

    What the US needs to do is to establish a permanent presence on the Moon. Then going to Mars via L1 will be much easier and cheaper by utilizing lunar resources.

  • schuba:

    Thanks alot , space..very interesting. Isn`t it fascinating to read between the lines…?

  • Space:


    Yeah it is. When there is a history account on a government site, there is more between the lines than in the text!

    It’s a bit like a presidents speech. Everything that is said is said for a reason, and everything not said is avoided for a reason.

    I heard a second hand account of some NASA engineers that met with a Russian engineer from back in the day, and he told them that everyone knew that Apollo and their own rocket program really existed to get to ICBM technology. The difference was that in the US, a cover story is required and the USSR just did what it wanted.

  • schuba:

    To read between the lines…also if it`s about the LEO access for the US. I sure hope, this isn`t another political exercise to avoid competition and the new approach gets a real chance. The only danger in the long run for the US to threaten their No. One position is the fact, that partys (industries)tend to defend themselves,(jobs, money, power) and avoid progress and change…that could really happen far in the future. I hope, new ideas will get a chance in governmental programms and also maybe in new markets one day.
    But Europe is in a far worse situation: When you wanna start a programm in the US , you have to turn around the dollar 10 times, in China one time, and in Europe 1000 times(Euros)…We (europe)do a very good job in the commercial satellite launch market, but we would have never survived a challenger disaster…(politicaly, that is).
    interesting times..and the US in the best position.

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