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China, the Leading Space Invader

From the Wall Street Journal-

China is the world’s leading space polluter, according to a report by the Russian space agency.

China accounts for 40% of the debris in orbit around the earth, followed by the U.S. and Russia, who contributed roughly a quarter each, according to the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos.

Most of China’s debris comes from the 2007 deliberate destruction of the Fengyun-1C weather satellite, according to NASA. After China shot the satellite with a missile it burst into 2,841 pieces. Before then, the U.S. and Russia accounted for the bulk of space junk…

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  • D:

    WOW!, what a great development opportunity! Think of all the technology it would take to launch a craft that would collect the space junk, and safely dispose of it. Or develop some manner of shielding for spacecraft that is light enough to be launched.

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